One of many environmental considerations which have caught the general public’s consideration is the piles upon piles of coffee pods ending up in landfills every year. It’s a serious environmental situation because it contributes to the growing problem with plastic disposal. But, many espresso pod producers pledge to make issues proper by offering options: each absolutely recyclable or absolutely compostable single-use espresso pods. Proof suggests this received’t essentially clear up the issue. Might reusable espresso pods save the earth? Let’s discover this matter and show you how to discover some stable, reusable espresso pods on your arsenal. 

What are Reusable Espresso Pods?

Reusable espresso pods are normally made from plastic, chrome steel or aluminum. These are particularly designed for pod espresso machines corresponding to Nespresso and Keurig. In contrast to single-serve espresso pods the place it’s a must to throw it away after a single use,  reusable coffee pods assist you to refill them with the espresso grounds of your desire – nearly like a miniature moka pot. 

Is there extra to it than this?…

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