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Kiona Malinka Of Kiona Malinka Tea: The Sprudge Interview
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Kiona Malinka Of Kiona Malinka Tea: The Sprudge Interview

Photo courtesy of Kiona Malkina. When the Benelux’s food and beverage industry first got acquainted with Kiona Malinka, she was a coffee professional, both self-taught and SCA-certified. However, it was the establishment of Crusio Thee in 2014 that got everyone… Source link

4 New World Coffee Champions Crowned At World Of Coffee Berlin
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4 New World Coffee Champions Crowned At World Of Coffee Berlin

The World of Coffee at the Messe Convention Center in Berlin was abuzz over the first weekend of June 2019. That’s when four incredible world coffee champions were crowned for excellence in latte artistry, coffee cocktail mixology, cup tastery, and Ibrik… Source link

Probat Popup Roastery
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Probat Popup Roastery Coming to Berlin During WOCDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

German roaster manufacturing giant Probat is putting together a popup roastery in conjunction with the upcoming SCA World of Coffee event in Berlin, Germany, from June 5-7. Taking place in Berlin Mitte in the Secret Garden Berlin — an historic former theater building… Source link

Aillio Bullet coffee roaster
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Roaster Maker Aillio Upgrades the Bullet and Readies the 2-Kilo BullseyeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

The Aillio Bullet R1. All photos courtesy of Aillio. Aillio is launching a pair of upgrades to its core product, the compact, 1-kilo Bullet R1 roaster. The unique induction-heated drum roaster now comes equipped with an improved infrared temperature sensor that is useful… Source link