Jennifer "Vern" Long World Coffee Research
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USAID’s Jennifer ‘Vern’ Long to Take Over as CEO of World Coffee ResearchDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Jennifer “Vern” Long announcing the extension of funding from USAID for Kansas State University’s Feed the Future Innovation Labs in 2018. Photo “FTF055” by K-State Research and Extension. Creative Commons attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) The board of… Source link

Coffee Is Good For You Until It Isn't. Science Has Found The Tipping Point
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Coffee Is Good For You Until It Isn’t. Science Has Found The Tipping Point

Just when you think we’ve gotten to the bottom of this whole “coffee is good for you” thing, a new team of researchers fearlessly plumb the depths even further to find an as-yet-undiscovered cavern of coffee healthfulness. In a new study of nearly 350,000… Source link

Coffee's Effect On The Endocannibinoid System
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Coffee’s Effect On The Endocannibinoid System

BUSTED! You saw “endocannabinoid” in the headline and you just came running. We’re telling your parents, Holden Caulfield. But while we’re totally ratting you out, we can also explain to your folks that new research finds a link between coffee consumption and… Source link

Coffee May Help Slow The Growth Of Prostate Cancer
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Coffee May Help Slow The Growth Of Prostate Cancer

It’s about time the men of the world finally caught a break. New research suggests that coffee may help prevent the growth of prostate cancer. It seems like there’s a study coming out every month that finds a new benefit of coffee consumption, so much so that I… Source link

coffee cupping
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A Scientific View of the Brew Coming to OaklandDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

From a recent cupping at The Crown in Berkeley. Daily Coffee News photo by Lily Kubota. Bay Area coffee professionals and home brewing obsessives have a rare opportunity this week to explore the bleeding edge of research into coffee flavor science. The Crown — which is… Source link

Scientists Turn Coffee Grounds Into Electrodes For Lithium-Ion Batteries
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Scientists Turn Coffee Grounds Into Electrodes For Lithium-Ion Batteries

There is pretty much nothing coffee can’t do. If George Washington Carver had turned his attention to this caffeinated little wunderseed instead of the lowly peanut, we’d probably be brewing space coffee in our luxurious Martian summer homes by now. But Carver… Source link

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Obsession with Plastic Pollution Distracts Attention from Bigger Environmental ChallengesDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

When temperatures rise and ice melts, more water flows to the seas and ocean water warms and expands in volume. Shutterstock By now, most of us have heard that the use of plastics is a big issue for the environment. Partly fuelled by the success of the BBC’s Blue… Source link

water activity in coffee tests
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Cafe Imports Unveils Watershed Report on Water Activity in Coffee

Cupping at Cafe Imports in Minneapolis. All photos courtesy of Cafe Imports. Over the past six years, sensory analysis experts at Minneapolis-based green coffee importing company Cafe Imports have been diligently recording water activity and moisture content in coffees… Source link