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The Extraction Is Going Shopping for a New WatchDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Coffees drying at the Elida farm owned by Lamastus Family Estates. Best of Panama auction photo. Klatch Coffee‘s San Francisco location made media waves this week with its new $75 menu item, a single cup of coffee called the “Elida Natural Geisha 803 Experience.”… Source link

Drinking Coffee Makes You Better At Smelling Coffee
Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacolog Higher Olfactory Sensitivity To Coffee Odour In Habitual Coffee Users Lorenzo Stafford smells University of Portsmouth Wire ZME Science

Drinking Coffee Makes You Better At Smelling Coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee. Then do it 9,999 more times and then maybe you’ll be a master at waking up and smelling coffee. Luckily, if you just want to be more adept at half of that equation—the smelling of the coffee part, not the waking up part—new… Source link