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La Marzocco Getting Back Into Grinders with the Swift and SwanDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

The La Marzocco Swift Mini grinder, which made a public debut at the HOST Milano show last week. Italian espresso machine giant La Marzocco has announced a renewed focus on grinders that will result in two major new products — the home-focused Swift Mini and the… Source link

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A Call to Action on Espresso Grinders, by David SchomerDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Since opening one of Seattle’s earliest artisan espresso shops in 1988, one of the defining characteristics of the craft behind our counter has been the grinding of coffee for each shot, literally on demand. This is now the standard practice for virtually all… Source link

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A Guide for Espresso TechniciansDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Close Cousins Understanding pressure in an espresso machine is straightforward in many respects. We have a few benchmarks for extraction that have been borne out of years of experience and we are fairly adept at generating enough of it for most machines, but it invariably comes down to flow… Source link

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Understanding an Age-Old Problem in EspressoDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Coffee Technicians Guild photo. by Michael Teahan When I speak to fellow industry nerds about espresso machines, one of the least understood topics is just how many factors influence temperature at the point of infusion. Heat Is Fluid For decades, Italian engineers have struggled with the… Source link

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1st Line Equipment Launches E61 Flow Control Kits for ConsumersDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

The Lelit Bianca PL62T outfitted with the 1st Line E61 flow kit. Courtesy photo. New Jersey-based high-end espresso equipment retailer 1st Line Equipment has widened the availability of kits that enable flow profiling on standard E61 espresso machine group heads. 1st… Source link