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Communal Land Management and Income DiversificationDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Communal coffee nurseries offer an affordable and accessible source of planting material for renovation efforts following the coffee leaf rust crisis. Photo by Oscar Leiva/Silverlight for CRS. Coffee farmers across origin countries search for and develop innovative… Source link

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Land Equivalency Ratio and Gross ProfitDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

In order to adapt to coffee crops that have been affected by leaf rust, Carlos Cano, 43 has turned to selling macadamia nuts. To address the drivers of migration — debt/prices and climate pressures — highlighted in the last post, we need to consistently seek a deeper… Source link

drought in the coffee farm
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An Elusive Quest?Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Photo Credit: Philip Laubner, courtesy of CRS Coffeelands. Recurrent drought, which decreases both coffee and staple crop yields, can contribute to the decision to migrate. Francisco* migrated to Guatemala City several years ago. He worked the night shift, behind the… Source link