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The History of the Boozy Café BrulotDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Café Brulot being prepared. Photo courtesy of The relationship between coffee and liquor is one that has flourished for centuries. Long before the coffee and booze staple the espresso martini — a creation widely attributed to London bartender Dick… Source link

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Land Equivalency Ratio and Gross ProfitDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

In order to adapt to coffee crops that have been affected by leaf rust, Carlos Cano, 43 has turned to selling macadamia nuts. To address the drivers of migration — debt/prices and climate pressures — highlighted in the last post, we need to consistently seek a deeper… Source link

The Extraction Heads Behind the Bar with Justin TrudeauDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine
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The Extraction Heads Behind the Bar with Justin TrudeauDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

2015 file photo. Oceana Coffee in Tequesta. Photo by The Powers That Be nodded in a various modes of praise for the coffee industry this week. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, in his capacity as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and… Source link

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Baked Beans: Observations on Water Content During Roasting

Photos by Peter Davison, Ikigai Camera. (Editor’s note: This is a preview of an article by James Davison that appeared in the January/February 2019 issue of Roast magazine. Click here to read the full article.) How do we know when coffee has finished roasting? One… Source link

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Coffee Farmers Face Increasing Pressure To MigrateDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

This Guatemalan coffee nursery represents a small part of the labor, cost and risk farmers face when deciding to invest in their coffee farms. Photo by Oscar Leiva/Silverlight for CRS The drivers of migration remain the usual suspects: climate change, debt, prices, and,… Source link

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An Elusive Quest?Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Photo Credit: Philip Laubner, courtesy of CRS Coffeelands. Recurrent drought, which decreases both coffee and staple crop yields, can contribute to the decision to migrate. Francisco* migrated to Guatemala City several years ago. He worked the night shift, behind the… Source link

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The Extraction Is Made Yummy By MicrobesDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

A small farm-level coffee fermentation tank. Daily Coffee News photo. Belgian professor Dr. Luc De Vuyst has determined that longer fermentation times for wet-process arabica can result in a tastier cuppa. According to Science Daily, the research, which was a… Source link

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The Extraction Was Grown in Taiwan, Roasted in Space and Topped with CheeseDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

An edible Double Double™ that can fit in your pocket! The new Tim Hortons Coffee Bar has a smooth and silky texture and is great for both coffee and non-coffee drinks alike. (CNW Group/Tim Hortons) Specialty coffee shops upping their food game is admirable, but is it… Source link

Shared Production Facilities Ease Entry for New RoastersDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine