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What is the ‘Land of Diversity’ Green Coffee Competition & Auction? – The Perc

We know you can’t put a price (or a mark out of 100) on that first sip of coffee on a cold Monday morning… but a lot of people, as it happens, can! The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCA) is one of the industry’s benchmark scoring systems for ranking coffees, as we’ve… Source link

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Head of Coffee Will’s Spring 2019 Trip to Colombia – The Perc

“Head of Coffee” might sound like a grand title for someone sitting around sipping espresso all day… and that’s not entirely inaccurate! But a lot of what Will Corby has to do involves long-haul flights, bumpy rides in local buses and nights spent in… less than 5* accomodation,… Source link

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Nothing to be shy about… meet our first Gold Standard coffee! – The Perc

Now and then, we find an incredibly special coffee. And since our Head of Coffee is so good at hunting them down, we decided they all needed their own category! Introducing Gold Standard – coffees that are game-changers, taste-makers or just simply delicious. The Nyiramasoni Donatille is… Source link