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Science Shows Differences Between Flat Bottom and Semi-Conical Filter BrewsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

The August 2019 cover of the “Journal of Food Science” features research undertaken by the Specialty Coffee Association in partnership with the UC Davis Coffee Center. The scientific research collaboration announced roughly two-and-a-half years ago by the Specialty… Source link

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A Conversation with Breville Coffee Guru Phil McKnightDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Phil McKnight, the global business manager of beverage for Breville, at the recent SCA Expo in Boston alongside the Breville Barista Pro. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman. Companies that design equipment for specialty coffee shops have a lot to consider, but they… Source link

If You Love Coffee, You'll Love These Award Winning Products
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If You Love Coffee, You’ll Love These Award Winning Products

Crowds clamor at the Slayer Pop-Up at the 2019 Boston SCA Expo. (Photo courtesy Slayer) The Specialty Coffee Association‘s annual Expo is one of the largest coffee tradeshows in the world. With seven Sprudge folks on the floor, we covered a sampling of fine… Source link

The 2019 Sprudge Guide To Teamakers and Ceramics
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The 2019 Sprudge Guide To Teamakers and Ceramics

I hesitated in writing this guide. The world of teaware is vast and intimidating, and can be a money pit of fakes and forgeries. It is also where so much of the joy in loving tea can be derived. Ultimately our team felt Tea Week would be incomplete without some sort… Source link