Melissa Villanueva coffee book
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Brewpoint Coffee Owner Melissa Villanueva on “Starting & Running a Coffee Shop”Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Brewpoint Coffee Owner and “Starting & Running a Coffee Shop” Author Melissa Villanueva. All images courtesy of Melissa Villanueva. With three thriving coffee shops, a robust wholesale roasting operation and an active events space now under the umbrella of her… Source link

The Artisan Roaster Book
australia Bay Coffee books Craft/Operations David Rosa Industry Macro Micro People Products Roasting Sydney The Artisan Roaster

Australian Coffee Pro David Rosa on His New Book, The Artisan RoasterDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Australian marketing expert turned coffee roaster David Rosa has poured both those passions into his new book, The Artisan Roaster. The book is being pitched as a comprehensive guide to aspiring and current coffee roasters, with loads of practical advice along with… Source link

Longtime Coffee Pro Dan Cox Rewrites the Book on Hot Coffee LitigationDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine
"Coffee: Too Hot to Handle or Mishandled?" "Handling Hot Coffee" books Business Operations Coffee Enterprises consultants Dan Cox Dan Cox and Associates Industry lawsuits Liebeck v. McDonald’s People Products Retail Stella Liebeck United States

Longtime Coffee Pro Dan Cox Rewrites the Book on Hot Coffee LitigationDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

“Coffee: Too Hot to Handle or Mishandled?” was published in may. For as long as people prefer their drinks served liquid and hot, there are going to be burn-related lawsuits. From the infamous and widely misunderstood 1994 case Liebeck v. McDonald’s… Source link

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Five Steps to Reduce Your Coffee Waste with Umeko MotoyoshiDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Photo courtesy of Umeko Motoyoshi. As aesthetics and creativity are central to the culture of high-end coffee consumption, businesses and individuals in the coffee world have created a constant stream of images showcasing exquisitely crafted latte art, mugs of coffee… Source link

and the Industry books Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean Coffee: From Bean to Barista Columns Industry Jean Wintgens Miami University Ohio Oxford Oxford Coffee Company Robert Thurston the Beverage United States

From Bean to Barista”Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

“Coffee: From Bean to Barista” by Robert Thurston. Daily Coffee News photo by Lily Kubota. Historian and author Robert W. Thurston’s latest book, “Coffee: From Bean to Barista,” published by Maryland-based Rowman & Littlefield, is an engaging guide to the… Source link

A roasting style guide
"Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee" books Clark Le Compte Industry Nobletree Coffee Products Prosperity in Coffee Roasting Rob Hoos Scott Rao The Coffee Roaster's Companion United States

A Chat with Clark Le Compte About His New Book, “A Roasting Style Guide”Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

“A Roasting Style Guide” by Clark Le Compte. Daily Coffee News photo. Coffee roaster and consultant Clark Le Compte has added to the deepening pool of resources for aspiring and current coffee roasters alike with a new book called “A Roasting Style Guide.” The… Source link