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Panther Coffee and Fabiana Carvalho to Explore the Cutting Edge of Sensory PerceptionDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Workshops in Miami will explore how intrinsic factors affect our perception of coffee flavors. All images courtesy of Panther Coffee. The coffee industry has progressed by leaps and bounds in terms of codifying the language used to describe coffee on the cupping table. The quality of coffee —… Source link

Exploring the Wide World of Coffee Agronomy Research at OriginDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine
The Extraction Burns Fat, or Maybe That's a FibbeeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine
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The Extraction Burns Fat, or Maybe That’s a FibbeeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Setting the internet abuzz this week was a new bit of coffee-and-health research published by Nature’s Scientific Reports showing that brown adipose tissue — a.k.a. “brown fat” — function is stimulated by caffeine. Apparently that means coffee is potentially… Source link

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Famed Barista Stefanos Domatiotis Launches the Gem Series BrewerDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

A Greek national barista champion many times over, the 2014 World Brewers Cup champion, a World Coffee Events Judge and authorized Specialty Coffee Association trainer (AST), Stefanos Domatiotis is one of the most recognizable figures in the barista game. He also… Source link

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The Beerded Bean Is Growing It Out With First Brew House In SalinasDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Beerded Bean at 210 S. Main St. in downtown Salinas. All photos courtesy of Beerded Bean. The Beerded Bean, which has been selling roasted coffees at local markets for more than a year, has opened its first brick-and-mortar coffee shop in Oldtown Salinas, California. Yet… Source link

Roots Coffeehouse In Ft Worth, TX
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Roots Coffeehouse In Ft Worth, TX

Fort Worth, Texas goes by many names: F-Dub, Panther City, Cowtown (or if you live on the Dallas side of the Metroplex, you may opt for the more pejorative Fart Worth, because it’s a town of cows), but no sobriquet is more earned than Funky Town. When outsiders… Source link

Brazilian Researchers Break New Ground on Coffee's 'Biennial Effect'Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine
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Brazilian Researchers Break New Ground on Coffee’s ‘Biennial Effect’Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

This coffee plant is the cultivar ‘Catigua’ in its high production year. Catigua is one of the most commercially grown cultivars in Brazil. Photo by César Elias Botelho. Used with permission. The “biennial effect” in coffee — the idea that yields from coffee… Source link